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Premium vs. Regular Gas: What’s the Difference?

Pumping Gas

Have you ever been at the pump in Omaha and thought about the differences between premium vs. regular gas? The difference between premium and regular gas comes down to octane in terms of chemistry, but in terms of your driving experience, premium is better for your engine. We’ve compared premium vs. regular gas and we’re ready to help you figure out which is best for your needs. Our service team can take care of the rest.

What is Premium Gasoline?

Premium gas and regular gas are alike in the sense that they are both combustible petroleum products. The two types differ in terms of octane level. Premium gasoline tends to have an octane rating above 90. Premium gasoline will keep your Bellevue engine cleaner, meaning you’ll suffer less from pollution.

What is Regular Unleaded Gasoline?

Regular unleaded gasoline is the most common gasoline type, and it works well for most vehicles in La Vista. It’s better for the environment and your health than gasoline that’s got lead in it. It’ll generally have an octane rating of 87.

The Difference Between Premium and Regular Gas

There are a couple of differences between premium and regular gas that you should know:

  • Premium gas has a higher octane rating, which prevents engine knocking that could damage your vehicle.
  • Regular unleaded gas burns faster than premium gas, meaning it’s better for engines with lower compression ratios. Higher compression ratio engines should use premium fuel.
  • Premium gas can cost as much as 50 cents more per gallon compared to regular unleaded gas, which can add up if you’re making your way through Council Bluffs a lot.

In most cases, an economy car will take regular gas while a luxury car or one with a turbocharged engine will take premium gas. If you’re wondering if your potential new car needs regular or premium, someone from our team will help square that away for you.

Have a Chat with Our Service Team Today

If you’ve got more questions about what type of gas is right for your vehicle, we suggest having a chat with our team at Edwards Nissan. We’ll help you out by letting you schedule service online to save yourself a step.

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