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What Do the Nissan Altima Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

2021 Nissan Altima Cockpit Center Console Touchscreen

If you’ve gotten behind the wheel of a new Nissan Altima, you’ve made the right choice when looking for that next car. However, even a vehicle with excellent Nissan engineering will need repairs at some point, and if you’re looking at a Nissan Altima dashboard warning light, you might be confused as to what they mean. The Nissan Altima dashboard lights are easy to decipher once you’ve got a guide, and we’re ready to help Omaha drivers make the most of their Nissan driving experience. Our service team is ready to help you with the Nissan dashboard warning lights and more!



What Do the Nissan Dashboard Warning Light Colors Mean?

Are your Nissan Altima dashboard warning lights flashing yellow or red? This color difference means a lot when you’re headed around Bellevue. No matter if you’re driving the Altima or another great Nissan model, you will know that the color codes and meanings are standardized across all Nissan models:

If your light is yellow, your vehicle is malfunctioning but it’s not something that needs immediate attention. You’re good for now, but this is something you’ll want to take care of in the near future.

If it’s red, you need to schedule service immediately. You can trust in the team at Edwards Nissan to get your Nissan back on the streets of Bellevue and La Vista in no time flat. We have to recommend calling a tow truck in order to prevent damage to your vehicle.

What Do the Nissan Dashboard Warning Light Symbols Mean?

There is also a collection of icons associated with various problems for your Nissan. All of these symbols are meant to stand in for different mechanical issues. See their meanings below:

  • A Person with Ball Symbol: Airbag Warning Light
  • A Person with Seat Belt Symbol: Seat Belt Warning Light
  • PS Symbol: Power Steering Warning Light
  • Exclamation Point Within Triangle Symbol: Master Warning Light
  • Windshield Wiper Symbol: Low Windshield Washer Fluid Levels Light
  • Exclamation Point Symbol: Low Tire Pressure Warning Light
  • Gas Pump Symbol: Low Fuel Level Warning Light
  • Oil Can Symbol: Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light
  • Car Battery Symbol: Low Charge Warning Light
  • BRAKE Symbol: Brake Warning Light
  • ABS Symbol: Anti-Lock Braking System Warning Light

Your Service Destination is in Council Bluffs

If you’ve got one or more of these lights on and want to get them fixed, you can count on the team at Edwards Nissan to help you out. Or, if you’re just looking for routine maintenance, you can check out our service coupons to save you some money. Alternatively, you can contact service today to get in touch with our team.


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