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Air Conditioning FAQ

Air Conditioning


You’re driving around in comfort in Omaha and Bellevue because of your air conditioning. However, if you’ve got issues with your AC or just have questions that need to be answered, we’ve got an air conditioning FAQ that’s ready for you to explore. We’ll answer all these questions:

  • How does air conditioning work?
  • Does air conditioning in the car use gas?
  • Why does the air conditioning in my car smell?
  • Does coolant affect air conditioning in the car?
  • When did cars get their air conditioning?



And if you’ve got questions about your car’s AC, schedule service with us today to get started. Our service team is ready to get you back on the road with time to spare.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

With the use of coolant, the air is chilled and sent throughout the cabin. Your serpentine belt, alternator, radiator, and other important automotive components make sure you’re keeping cool in La Vista. The air is compressed, chilled, and temporarily liquefied before coming out of your car’s vents cool and comfortable.

Does Air Conditioning in the Car Use Gas?

Since the alternator is a critical part of keeping your AC running, and the alternator is powered by the engine, you do use gas when you’ve got the AC on. However, if you’ve got an electric vehicle, it all runs off the electric motor.

Why Does the Air Conditioning in My Car Smell?

If you’ve got noxious odors coming out of your AC, it likely means that your AC system is dirty and clogged up. When water doesn’t successfully drain from the AC system, dirt and debris can accumulate and fester, causing foul odors.

Does Coolant Affect Air Conditioning in My Car?

Coolant is an integral part of your AC unit, meaning that if your coolant isn’t right, your AC likely isn’t right either. If you’ve got an issue with your coolant, the Edwards Nissan service team is ready to help get you back on the road.

When Did Cars Get Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning was first invented soon after they invented vehicles that were fully enclosed, but these early systems were not very reliable or functional and they were only considered a luxury before World War II. However, in the 1950s, automakers perfected “modern” AC technology and now, it’s considered a staple of pretty much every automobile.

Schedule Service at Edwards Nissan Today!

If you’ve got an issue with your car, AC or otherwise, it’s time to come on over to Edwards Nissan and get it taken care of. Our service team is jam-packed with some of the best service techs in town. Contact us today with any questions.


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