What Does Leadership Look Like?

Image of girls standing on a beach

When you think of leadership, what comes to mind? An older sibling teaching the youngest how to ride a bike? A firefighter saving someone from a burning building? A world-class doctor keeping her patient alive through hours of painstaking surgery? 

When we think of leadership, we think of you. At Edwards, we pride ourselves on making space for our customers as members of the wider community. From Council Bluffs to the greater Midwest to the great expanse of this awesome country, our customers are all leaders in their own way. 

Whether it’s getting your kids to their first soccer…

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Does Social Media Matter?

Image of girl on phone

What’s the point of endless scrolling and clicking and liking and sharing? Aren’t our attention spans short enough already? In an age of information overload, does social media even matter anymore?

Yes! Yes, it does. More than ever, in fact! Social media, more than just a tool to get your message out into the world, is a way to create genuine, authentic, well-connected community. We have a strong offline team of fun-loving, hard-working employees and customers who help each other out every day around Council Bluffs. How can that translate into an online social presence? 

The answer is…

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